You can believe anything you want…

Often I hear from folks who are not UUs (and sometimes from folks who are), when talking about Unitarian Universalism, that it’s the church where you can believe anything you want. While that may be technically true…people will believe anything they want, regardless of their professed religion…it is not exactly how I (or any long-time UU) would describe it.

In Unitarian Universalism, we promote the acceptance of one another and the free and responsible search for truth and meaning. We believe that people want answers, but we reject the notion that organized religious institutions can give them those answers. The responsibility lies with the individual to seek out and find the truth. We believe that community is vital in encouraging the individual in this search and in living out their faith in service to the larger world.

Each of us is unique…the sum total of our upbringing, education and experiences. I believe g*d speaks to each of us in the way that we can hear. Unitarian Universalism gives us the space…the permission…to meditate on that still small voice and receive from it what we need in any given moment. And without the creedal noise, the truth becomes much more audible.

And because we are unique, each with her/his unique story, the way we see the truth…our perspective…is also unique. And when we share our perspective with one another, we are all enriched by the sharing. We can stand in awe before the tapestry that is the truth of our combined faith.

From the outside this may look like a bunch of people all believing anything they want, but that is only part of the reality. These are folks who are not satisfied with being told what to believe. When we accept the responsibility of seeking the truth, then real growth can begin.

In peace…


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