Open letter to US House and Senate Republicans

The people have spoken. Not only did President Obama win a landslide Electoral College victory, but he handily captured the Popular Vote, as well. Our representatives need to heed this mandate and stop the petty obstructionist nonsense and get back to work moving our country forward.

Ever since Mitch McConnell’s failed call for Republicans to make Obama a one-term president, the House has voted overwhelmingly “No” on every measure that the President supported. The most recent travesty was voting against the Veterans’ Jobs Bill, which would have put our troops, who have sacrificed much for our country, to work rebuilding our infrastructure. Republicans need put aside this nonsense, silence the extremists, and do the work they were elected to do…represent the citizens.

The people have examined the facts and rejected the lies the right has been promoting. They have rejected the ridiculous assertions made about women’s health issues and affirmed that women are capable of making their own decisions about their bodies without the help of their legislators. They have affirmed the right of gay couples to marry. They have rejected the myth of trickle-down economics and the notion that corporations are people. They have seen first hand the effects of global climate change and are ready to respond to it.

The Republican party is at risk of imploding. The party that, at one time, worked for positive social change has been so altered that it is no longer recognizable as being representative of the people. Some serious soul-searching is in order.

We are currently recovering from the worst economic downturn in decades…a downturn that was initiated well before President Obama took office, caused by policies put in place by the Bush administration. The President has managed to turn it around and the economy is making a slow comeback…a comeback that may have happened much faster if Republicans had not stood in the way.

Starting now, the House and Senate need to work on several things…overturn Citizens United, cease the attack on women’s rights, reject the influence of the religious right and affirm the civil rights of gay couples, make common-sense decision on how to respond to climate change, create real tax reform that assures everyone is playing by the same rules and paying their fair share, reject extremism and the notion that bipartisanship means the left coming around to your way of thinking.

Do this, or you may find yourselves out of a job in 2014.


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