Hi. My name is Rob. I’ve been a Unitarian Universalist since 2000 and I’ve been married to a UU Minister since 2004. We have two beautiful daughters.

Besides being a UU, I am in a little sub-culture that is referred to as UUMPS (Unitarian Universalist Ministers’ Partners & Spouses). In addition to having the privilege to be partnered with these wonderful people, we give them the support they cannot get elsewhere. But this honor doesn’t come without its punishments. It also means that we don’t often get to enjoy the community of our churches in the same way as other UUs, and we don’t get to form friendships with our fellow congregants that are as deep as they otherwise might be. It can be lonely sometimes. With this blog, I hope to share a little of what it is like to be me as a minister’s hubby.

I also want to talk about Unitarian Universalism. UUism has a lot to offer those who seek a different way of exploring their faith and I want to share the “good news” of a liberal faith and share some of my own journey.

I am a computer geek by trade and hobby. I have a degree in Computer Electronics Technology. I worked for a while in a computer call center for a large corporation before the economic tide turned. Now I am the database guy for a 2-1-1 information & referral center at a local nonprofit. I love computers and computer-y gadgets, cloud computing, social media and making it all work together. I am also an Ubuntu-phile. I tell you all this because sometimes I have a tendency to “geek out” and you may benefit from (or be subject to?) that.



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